What Can A Classical Guitar Do For You?

For most players, the realm of classical guitars is one that they’d just as soon avoid. The scale length is different, the neck is wider, and they’re harder to play, so why bother?

I want to learn classical guitar?

I want to learn classical guitar, does anyone know good websites or books for learning it? Phil has given you the best advice, Rip. Get the help of a competent teacher. Classic guitar is a technical challenge to learn to play well, and a personal instructor will save you from developing bad execution habits that […]

Suggest a method to make a pickup for my classical guitar?

I have a classical guitar, I want to make it electric. However the place I live in do not sell magnet wire to make an electromagnetic contact pickup (picks up the vibration of the vibrating guitar body). I can hardly find a piezoelectric crystal too. I do find electric motors, though. So can anyone suggest […]

I want to learn to play classical guitar on electric guitar?

I want to learn to play the electric guitar and classical guitar at the same time, but can only afford one guitar, so I’m buying an electric guitar. Which electric guitar would be best to learn classical guitar one? Any are fine but you are mixing two totally different skills. The electric guitar is also […]

Is it not practical to learn classical guitar when i want to play folk music?

I have the option between a classical nylon guitar or a dreadnought acoustic. I know most folk players use steel string but i kind of prefer the warm soft sound of classical guitar. I like freak/avant/psychedelic folk, not really the loud bright stuff. i will be trying to learn both finger picking and strumming. So […]

Easy popular music for Classical guitar?

I am learning to play piano and guitar, I recently gave up learning to play electric guitar to focus on Classical guitar (which came more naturally but was also more of a challenge), but now i’m struggling with it because as with piano (which i have only been learning 6 months compared to 15 months […]

Any easy songs to learn for classical guitar?

I’ve been trying to learn classical guitar for about a week now and whilst I can do the intros to Fade to Black, One and nothing else matters I’ve yet to find a song I can fully complete ’till the end. Are there any songs you guys can recommend that are easy so that I […]

What is the best method book to teach children electric guitar?

There are lots of very good method books for learning classical guitar but I can’t find any which teach the electric techniques and also reading music. Thanks The strings they play are going to be the same, so a beginner book for acoustic guitar would suffice. You could ask the advice of the teacher at […]

What is the best method to learn classical guitar?

DONT buy the Estaban crap. Its awful. If you can, get lessons from a live teacher. Check with a local music store to see if they can recommend one. If you cant get a live teacher, the Aaron Shearer books are very good. They teach you technique and how to read music, so you arent […]

Best version of the Nutcracker Suite to learn on classical guitar?

What version of the Nutcracker Suite is the best one to learn on classical guitar? Currently I am thinking about learning the transcription by Timothy Sparks. I would like to hear what others have to suggest. Thanks! I think that would be a good choice, have you tried looking at http://www.sheetmusicplus.com?

Want to take beginning guitar class at community college but uses a classical method approach?

I would like to learn acostic guitar. Will this teach me this or will it just be classical music. I’m in high school and need to take a college course and im really want to learn guitar. This is the class description: Class method using a "classical" approach, designed to teach note reading and basic […]

I want to learn how to play classical guitar, where should I start from?

I already play electric guitar, and I’m familiar with some techniques. I also want to start and learn the classical guitar. I know it’s an instrument that requires a teacher, most of the time, but I really can’t get one. I have courses that will help me improve my reading music skills, and music theory, […]

Spanish Guitar Method Book?

I just bought my husband a spanish guitar for his birthday and need to buy him a method/teaching book (he has never played any kind of guitar.) Do I need to buy him a book specifically for Spanish guitar, or can he learn from a classical guitar method book ? Any suggestions for specific titles […]

How to learn classical guitar bass notes?

I have been learning the guitar for quite a while now but have never been able to easily recognize bass notes. I was wondering if anybody had any tips to help me remember them!! Thanks Bass (or Base) notes on any given piece of music will be the lowest note (or tone) to be used […]

Which guitar method would you recommend?

I am a high school performing arts student guitarist wishing to get a little extracurricular study in and one of the things I’m looking at is a classical guitar method. I was wondering which is more recommended, Sor’s Method, Aguado’s, or Carcassi’s. Sorry to those who answered previously. I made an error when trying to […]

Where can I learn classical guitar in London?

I will be studying in London for the next 3 years and I have been learing classical guitar for 7 years as a hobby, so I was wondering what good schools there were that offered Royal Schools of Music exams I live in the USA so I’m not familiar with the schools in London, but […]

Electric guitar and classical guitar??

I’m choosing to take lessons between electrical guitar or classical guitar… Is the method of playing the electrical guitar similar to classical guitar OR classical guitar similar to electrical guitar?? Which class do you think I should take? Take Classical – then when you have learnt all the chords, you can then paly electric yourself. […]

is the method of playing acoustic guitar and classical guitar the same?

The technique is different. Technically both are acoustic guitars since neither uses amplifications. The left hand is basically the same, the right hand is different. Classical guitar is usually played with the fingernails and has nylon strings at lower tension, whereas acoustic is typically played with a pic and usually has steel strings at higher […]

How difficult is it to learn guitar on a classical guitar?

I want to teach myself the guitar. A friend of mine let me borrow an acoustic guitar of his and I used it to get familiar with the instrument, but he asked for it back. I have a family member who has an old classical guitar I could borrow, but I’ve heard that it’s difficult […]

guitar learning problem?

I’ve played piano for 10 years.I got to learn classical guitar more than 1 year,now I’m playing Classical Guitar Method,and I don’t know what to do after this learning this book.I need some instructions on which is the book to do with and how to progress.I’m learning by myself. I learn Carcassi Guitar Method,and played […]