What are some easy classical guitar pieces to learn?

I use to play a lot, but put my guitar down for a while. I like prefer Spanish Classical like Barrios and stuff like that. I use to know the names but can’t remember now. I like your taste! Barrios, Lauro, etc are some of my favorites too Easy pieces hmm.. Theres a great transcription […]

How can I learn piano chords and scales quickly and easily?

I need to learn improvisational piano techniques quickly. Such as common scales ionian, dorian, lydian and such. As well as how to integrate common chords into them like major, minor, Maj7, m7, and dom7 mostly. I have no interest in proper notation nor classical arrangement (it wasn’t necessary for learning guitar). And I have no […]

Want to learn classical guitar but need a starting point?

ive been playing guitar for 3 years now, and i’ve gotten really good (i don’t mean that to be conceited or anything >.<) at first like every guitarist i started out with rock, then i moved onto jazz im at the point where i can sight read most jazz and i know how to form […]

I need Help on my English Homwork!!!!!!!!!!?

1. To clearly state your position, you must build an argument based on credible, valid and reliable evidence. A. true B. false 3. When beginning your research, you should develop an essential question that is A. vague and general B. broad and flexible C. seeking a β€œyes” or β€œno” answer D. narrow and bias-free 4. […]

Can I learn to play classical guitar by myself?

People said you can do rock by yourself but classical is much more difficult. I’m a guitar noob. I only know the major chords. That’s it. Any pros please lend advice! I’m a pianist and a violist, and I have been teaching myself how to play classical guitar for about a month or two without […]

guitarists? easy 10 points.?

posting this again for a few more ideas. need some ideas for threads about what guitarists would like to know (ie. searching the internet) so far i’ve got essential accessories, a-z of chords, choosing a beginner guitar, choosing strings, prolonging the life of your instrument, how to hold a guitar, and intend on writing about […]

Should I learn classical guitar?

I first picked up guitar about nine years ago. But even though I’ve been at it for years, I’ve been stuck at a beginner’s level. I can read chord charts and tablature. I know commonly used chords/fingerings. I can figure out the chords to a lot of songs by ear if I sat down with […]

Finale 2003… how do you put two melodies in the same line on the staff?

I am using Finale 2003 to write compositions for my A Level Music class… however, I can’t figure out how to put two melodies on the same staff, for example for classical guitar. I really need to figure out how to use it, because not only is it difficult for my musicians to play the […]

What is(are) the best site(s) to learn the classical guitar for a beginner?

This has to be one of the best site including video as well http://www.freeguitarvideos.com/lessons.html

Finale 2003 – how to put two melodies on the same line?

I am using Finale 2003 to write compositions for my A Level Music class… however, I can’t figure out how to put two melodies on the same staff, for example for classical guitar. I really need to figure out how to use it, because not only is it difficult for my musicians to play the […]

Would it be easy for me to learn to play classical guitar?

I already know how to play steel string acoustic, so would it be easy to pick up nylon string classical guitar? I agree with the first answer.. you need to learn finger picking and you need to learn where EVERY NOTE is located on the fret board. Personally, I prefer the sound of a classical […]

Live recording from a mic into a PC for baglamas?

I have recently started playing the baglama instrument. ( Greek Version) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouzouki#Greek_baglama. I would like to record my first attempts into a PC and then use software to add other instruments. You may treat baglamas as a classical guitar that has no interfaces at all. I will have to use a microphone to sample in […]

Can I learn how to play Classical Guitar with Acoustic lesson kit for complete beginners?

I received a new CLASSICAL guitar for Christmas. (My first Instrument.) I don’t know how to play any type of guitar so my dad bought me the Play acoustic guitar for total beginners kit. It contains a book, cd’s and a dvd. Can I still learn classical with acoustic lessons? This will be the first […]

Blues guitar tunings?

I’ve recently become interested in learning how to play blues guitar, having ignored it for years and years. Looking at tabs and stuff, I’ve come across several unconventional tunings. How widespread is this? Is there any one blues tuning method that is more commonly used than the others, or do most blues guitarists use standard […]

I want to learn to play the classical guitar but don’t know where to start!?

Are there any experienced classical guitar players out there? What’s an easy first song to learn? I have almost no experience with the guitar. Thanks a lot! You have to learn the notes on the fretboard You have to learn how to read music You have to learn good right hand technique. I’d highly recommend […]

What makes a guitarist ‘good’?

I have the feeling this question will sound awfully lame and obvious… I starting playing on my dad’s (giant large-necked classical) guitar when I was like 9 years old (I think thats accurate) . Only half-knowing I wanted to learn to play guitar. At the time I had been learning piano for a couple of […]

can anyone reccomend any classical pieces to learn on guitar?

hi, ive been trying to find some different sounding stuff to learn on guitar, and i ended up learning the classical sounding intros in the metallica songs "to live is to die" and "fight fire with fire". i was wondering if anyone knows of any similar little pieces for me to learn, as i like […]

Do I still have a chance of getting into Berklee college of music?

I’m a jazz guitarist and it’s my biggest dream to go there. I’ve just turned 16 and I really don’t know how good I should be to even have a chance at the audition. I can play the major/minor/melodic and harmonic minor scales and Maj7, min7,7 and min7b5 arpeggios in all positions, but I’m not […]

Can people learning classical and acoustic guitar go for the same class together?

Please help me! Im a little confused. Can i go for the same class with a person learning acoustic guitar when myself learn to play the classical guitar? Thanks! πŸ˜€ Yes you can. The term "acoustic" applies to any guitar that is built with a hollow box from where the sound will be projected. "Acoustic" […]

I am too old to go to school for music?

I am 22 and am thinking about going to school for music. I do have some backround in music. I have been playing metal guitar for about 5 years. But i cant read music and no pretty much no theory. I really want to dedicate myself to music wich is why I want to go […]