Any good websites for a classical guitar beginner to learn?

Hi I like to learn the Classical Guitar , and im looking for a website that teach from the basic steps of classical guitar tecniques. I know how to play chords and I would like to develop what i know to the classical guitar area. Any good websites for a classical guitar beginner to learn? […]

Am I too old to go to school for music?

I am 22 and am thinking about going to school for music. I do have some backround in music. I have been playing metal guitar for about 5 years. But i cant read music and no pretty much no theory. I really want to dedicate myself to music wich is why I want to go […]

What are some good classical songs to learn on the guitar?

I love music and I love playing the guitar. I have been playing the guitar for a little over a year now and I am alright at it. I like classical music and I think it is time that I learn some classical songs on the guitar. What are some good classical songs to learn […]

Loop station help for a beginner?

I play classical guitar but would like to try something different using a Loop Station. I have bought a semi acoustic guitar and an amplifier. Can I connect a loop station directly between the guitar and the amp. or do I have to buy something else. Sorry for being a bit dim but I have […]

How can I learn classical music on a guitar?

I want to learn to play classical music on the guitar, but I am afraid I don’t know where to start. An instructor is not really an option at this moment, however any books, websites or general information would be nice. Thanks. Fred Noad’s "Solo Guitar Playing" Volume 1 is a great resource. You can […]

Help with my thesis!!! Please?

How is this for a thesis statement: Through advances in the classical guitar and evolutions in the method of playing, classical guitarists that transformed the art of classical guitar from a lowly pheasant instrument to the greatly popular classical guitar we see today. ??? This is not bad. It is just a little repetitive. I’ve […]