What modern songs are easy to learn on a classical guitar?

I have learned Your Call by Secondhand Serenade and it is easy. Any suggestions?? Patterns in the Ivy parts 1 and 2. It’s a good piece to play on an acoustic. Part 2 is a bit harder than part 1 but you could just learn part 1.

Can somebody recommend a classical guitar piece to learn?

Ive been playing guitar for about 7 years. I was just wondering if somebody could recommend a few "pretty" classical guitar pieces. Thanks -Scott la cavatina – (ie the Deer hunter theme by John Williams) Very challenging and ultimately impressive.

Is it a good idea to jump from classical to electric guitar?

ive been learning classical guitar for a while now and now i want to try electric guitar. should i learn acoustic guitar first or can i go straight to electric? or will it make any difference? If possible, you could try both=). For techniques, you could relate with artists you like. For example, an electric […]

Finale 2003 – how do you put two melodies in the same line on the staff?

I am using Finale 2003 to write compositions for my A Level Music class… however, I can’t figure out how to put two melodies on the same staff, for example for classical guitar. I really need to figure out how to use it, because not only is it difficult for my musicians to play the […]

Where can I find music for children learning classical guitar?

I am a music teacher and I am currently teaching guitar lessons to my neice who is studying classical technique. She is losing interest and I know it’s because all of the study books are on pedagogy and has almost no focus on learning even the easy pieces of music (children’s tunes) that a typical […]

What is the best method book to teach children electric guitar?

There are lots of very good method books for learning classical guitar but I can’t find any which teach the electric techniques and also reading music. Thanks The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer Got my young lad this book from my local Rainbow Music shop at £16.99. His teacher told me to get this one […]

Anyone know any romantic classical guitar songs I can learn?

i’m trying to learn at least ONE good romantic, gentle classical guitar song… if you know of any titles and composers that would be great… also if you have the sheet music please tell me where you can get it.. thanks! An all-time favorite for guitarists has been "Yours," written and composed by Jack Sherr […]

I’m torn. I don’t know which of these two acoustic guitars I should get (links provided) can you help?

I like them both. I play mostly rock music, but sometimes I also delve into Spanish and classical styles. Axe one: http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?ItemPos=2&TempID=3&DepartmentID=1&STRID=193346&CategorySubID=1166&CategoryID=1166&BrandID=0&CategorySubPriceRangeID=0&pagesize=10&SortMethod=3&Method=3&PriceRangeID=0&SearchPhrase=&Contains=&Search_Type=Department&GroupCode=&categorysubsearch=true Axe two: http://www.samash.com/catalog/showitem.asp?ItemPos=10&TempID=1&DepartmentID=1&STRID=194342&CategorySubID=1166&CategoryID=1166&BrandID=0&CategorySubPriceRangeID=0&pagesize=10&SortMethod=2&Method=3&PriceRangeID=0&SearchPhrase=&Contains=&Search_Type=Department&GroupCode=&categorysubsearch=true i like axe 2 only cuz i like the light wood..although ur wood would be good too =)

GUITAR PEOPLE PLEASE :)…How long will it take me to learn classical guitar?

I started the begining of september and im already onto learning the 4th string and some chords?…..So i have a guitar teacher that i go to once a week and i learn something new each time and i practice each day for 30minutes to an hour. How long do you think it will take for […]

im looking for a place to buy modern sheet music for the violin…?

i’ve been playing for about 4 years now on the suzuki method…needless to say im sick of classical!! i would really want to learn something modern like "pop" or something that i would hear on the radio. when you hear someone play guitar, its normally a song you know b/c you have heard it on […]

How can I learn classical guitar on a professional level?

I have 2 more years of high school and I want to get a degree in classical guitar after that. How could I learn it very well? Could I learn it online and still get into a music school, or should I go to see live teachers. The live teachers for classical guitar and conservatories […]

How to play piano as an accompanying instrument while I am singing the melody?

Hi folks, I’ve been playing classical piano for some years now. I recon I ‘ve reached and intermediate level.All though I like listening to classical music, I am rather bored with playing classical piano. I would like to sing pop/rock/broadway/jazz songs and use the piano to accompany myself based on the chords on the music […]

Is there a difference between a classical guitar and an acoustic guitar?

I’m learning classical guitar right now..and will you learn strumming too? I just started like 2nd lesson?And can you apply what you have learnt to acoustic guitars? And is it easier to learn acoustic guitars than classical guitars? And can you apply whatever you learnt in classical to acoustic? Yes there is a difference. Now […]

Is this a a "rigorous" academic resume? Trying to get into college!?

I’m taking harder classes than most people at my school…but I’m still feeling a lot of anxiety about college apps next year (I’m a junior right now.) My top choice school is Northeastern University in Boston. Freshman: English 9, Honors Algebra I, World Perspectives, CP Biology, Wellness, Photography, CP French I Sophomore: CP Literary Composition/Critique, […]

What are good classical songs to learn on guitar?

Hey I’m looking for something classical and very catchy to play on guitar. (classical guitar) dont suggest moonlight sonata, eugenes trick bag ( classical version), fur elise, Bouree in E minor. as i can play those fairly well. But anything else would be great!!! Asturias by Isaac Albeniz

please translate to spanish?

From the beginning of time, music has been Spain’s most important factor. With it’s unique and diverse musical elements, Spain is able to bring people a sense of joy and adoration. Spanish music shaped and continued developing itself during the Renaissance period. During this time, string instruments such as the Moorish lute paved a road […]

Should I learn the classical guitar?

I’m 14 years old right now. I’ve been playing piano since I was 7-ish, and I’m pretty good but not great, and I don’t have the time to practice that often. I also play the bass and dabble a bit in guitar. Since my mom wants me to continue in classical music, but I don’t […]

Anyone remember an old MTV/VH1 music video of "You’ve got a friend", sang by a lady in a blue dress?

Hi all, I remember seeing a music video on MTV, possibly VH1 classics, of the Carole King song "You’ve got a friend". This was a very old video, perhaps 70s, and all it featured was a young lady, in a blue dress (I think it was blue) sitting and playing the song on guitar. She […]

If I learn classical guitar, I should be able to play metal right?

Okay, so I’m taking an Elementary Guitar class at my local community college, because I want to learn to play the damn guitar sitting in the corner of my room. I’ve also wanted to be in a band since I was like.. a wee lad and shit. So my question is; After I learn to […]

Anyone remember an old MTV/VH1 music video of "You’ve got a friend", sang by a lady in a blue dress?

Hi all, I remember seeing a music video on MTV, possibly VH1 classics, of the Carole King song "You’ve got a friend". This was a very old video, perhaps 70s, and all it featured was a young lady, in a blue dress (I think it was blue) sitting and playing the song on guitar. She […]