Best way to learn CLASSICAL guitar?

I want to leanr classical guitar, the kind with yer hands and stuffs. What’s the best way to learns? Dvd, software? Preferably dvd please THANKS Get some private or class instruction to start. After that you should know enough to decide about more lessons, DVD or software. Definitely start with live instruction.

How do you know which frets to play groups of notes on the guitar?

In Classical guitar music, how do you decide where to play different sections of the song on the fretboard? There are several different possible places to play a group of notes. I was just wondering if there was a method to finding the right one. It has to do with the sound you’re trying to […]

Guitar masters, is this a good way to learn guitar?

I’m a relative beginner and I’m starting to wonder whether I would be better off in the long run just focusing on training my left hand first with no right hand strumming or anything. Learning all chords and transitioning them smoothly. And building finger dexterity. Then move to my right hand to perfect strumming and […]

Should I learn Classical Guitar before electric?

I finally decided to do guitar lessons after years of wanting to play my favourite riffs from Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, Metallica and many more, however when I got to the lesson, the instructor said I should learn classical guitar and after 30 weeks or so make the transition to electric. Is it recommended to […]