I am learning classical guitar now. Do i need to go for any classes if i wish to learn electric guitar?

That depends on what you want to play on the electric. Do you want to play licks and solos? Or are you going with the rhythm guitar strumming? The tuning of the strings are the same on all the guitars. If you’ve learned your chords, you will be fine for rhythm guitar, but if you […]

What classical song should I learn on guitar?

I’m looking for an intermediate-level classical guitar song that I can learn. It should sound really melancholy and sad, but also beautiful:) Any suggestions? Bach’s Art of Fugue, transcribed for guitar solo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0B_ihjLGgM

How can i avoid the wrong way of fingerstyle and fretting while learning classical guitar on my own?

There’s no good local guitar teacher in my town and i have to learn guitar on my own through tutorials and videos. I am quite pleased with the quality of most publications issued by Hal Leonard, they avoid the "fast track to human autoharp" approach and while the fundamentals in the early lessons may seem […]