what book is good to learn classical or nylon string guitar?

i know how to play guitar but want to pick up a classical or nylon. i see a lot of people play django and hoagy on them on youtube and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for books or videos to learn to play it well, if you can use tabs, which i’m assuming you […]

how do I learn classical guitar at home?

I have Garage band on computer. If that helps… And I also have a Yamaha Classical Guitar. (So I don’t get any smart ass answers here) classical guitar would require technique taught by a professional. It’s not recommended to learn from home.

Recommendations on guitar lessons?

About 6 years ago I got my piano teacher to start teaching me guitar as well. Initial progress was slow for a time as she was often gone taking her husband to doctors and hospitals for a serious liver problem, which was understandable. But afterwards when she could get back to the weekly schedule as […]