difference between fingerstyle and classical guitar?

what’s the difference between fingerstyle and classical guitar? Can you learn fingerstyle and still play classical guitar using the same methods? If you want to play both, which one should you learn first? Thank you! Classical guitar is a type of guitar. It has nylon strings and has a very unique sound to it as […]

how do i learn classical guitar?

i want to learn how to play classical guitar because then i will be able to play everything because you learn the theory of music as well. but i dont have the money for a teacher (im only 15) so what are some good sites to learn classical guitar or music theory and please no […]

bass guitar, fingering question?

i got my bass recently, im a classical guitarist, i use four fingers to play the classical guitar, and i use the thumb alot.. and after looking for some videos on youtube on how to play the bass, i saw the 2 fingers method.. but videos didnt mention anything about the thumb, while i saw […]

If i learn both folk and classical guitar would that be beneficial or would it be just confusing?

I already am learning folk guitar, but I kinda want to do classical also. Do you think I could learn both and maybe improve my skills as a guitar player overall or do you think that I would just get confused and start mixing up the techniques and styles? I teach classical guitar and if […]