What classical style songs can I learn to play on guitar?

I play the electric guitar and the (steel-string) acoustic guitar. I mainly use rock and blues techniques in my lead playing. While I don’t intend to fully master classical guitar, I would like to incorporate classical techniques into my lead playing. Additionally, Are there any classical songs from which I could learn such techniques? Recommendations […]

What are some good method books for teaching myself guitar?

I just bought a used guitar and I want to teach myself how to play. I want to do both lead sheet symbols and classical. What are some good method books I can use to teach myself how to play? Your best bet is probably Mel Bay Guitar books. Many different styles & techniques to […]

Can anyone recommend a good method for shred guitar and one for upright/string bass?

Here’s the thing, I am in grade 10, and I aspire to be a musician when i am of age, or to do something related to music. I have been doing classical (nylon string, finger style) guitar for almost 4 years now, and I am quite good, no lying. I’m doing my grade 8 RCM […]