Can I learn classical guitar techniques using an acoustic guitar ?

You can learn but the technique and feeling is not the same as nylon string classical guitar. Far from it. While the fingering and chording is the same, classical guitar playing is better played on a nylong string, not a steel-string.

Acoustic Guitar or Classical Guitar?

Hi, i want to start playing guitar but I don’t know which kind of guitar to get! I am currently learning how to play classical guitar(that’s the one with the nylon strings, right??) at school I asked if I could borrow one but they said no.. Which is harder to play? and which one sounds […]

I am just a begginner on classical guitar…but I want to strictly play only bossanova and samba.?

I just bought a classical guitar. I only want to play bossa nova and samba. I know I need to learn the basics. I just ordered Hal Leonards guitar method. Is there a book strictly for bossa nova beginners? Where is it? Or do I have to learn from someone? From what I know this […]

Is it possible to learn classical guitar with only 2 fingers ?

had an accident about a year ago & I can only use my index finger & pinky. I want to learn how to play but I’m just wondering would I be wasting my time. thanks for the answers. Unfortunately there are numerous challenges to playing a stringed instrument using only a few fingers. I’d advise […]

How to improve classical guitar skills without memorising the score?

I want to improve my ability to play songs on the guitar. Not of the strumming kind, but the fretting, fingerstyle kind. I heard the best way to improve a song is to memorise its score. But I can’t do it – I have a weak memory. For instance, I have never been able to […]