How long should I practice to play the Asturias by Isaac Albaniez?

I am learning Classical guitar from trininty guild hall, guided by a teacher. I love listening to Asturias I just finished the 1st level of Trinity Guildhall exam. There are totally 8 levels. I wonder how long and in which level would I be able to play the Asturias. Start now! Holding down the three […]

How to fix a bent guitar neck?

I have an Ibanez Classical Acoustic Guitar and Ive had it almost 2 years but the neck is starting to bend. I heard that the bolt on the inside needs tightened. How much would it cost on average to fix it (cheapest please) or how can i fix it? Im not using steel strings. I […]

Where can you get classical guitar tab on the internet?

I want to learn classical and neoclassical guitar (preferably Mozart or Beethoven) but I just can’t find accurate guitar tabs for it. Most of what they have on the guitar tab website are inaccurate. If anyone can help me out, I’ll be greatful! Unfortunately, the internet tablature community caters more for rock and metal heads […]

I am going to begin to search for a guitar tutor this coming school term. How do you choose the right person ?

Meaning, the right tutor for the type of guitar you want to learn from. I aim to learn classical guitar playing if it suits me Hi Caz. I’m a professional classical guitarist. Here is what to look for in a guitar teacher. If you want to learn classical guitar, find a teacher who has a […]

What’s the best PC software for learning to play the guitar?

Are any of the software packages truly good, or do I need to find a human teacher? My guitar hero for the last 43 years has been Keith Richards, but I wouldn’t want to completely close the door on learning classical guitar as well. Hi, I think it all really depends on your experience level. […]

How can I make my nails stronger?

I play classical guitar and I need my nails to play. The only problem that I have is that my nails are really weak and they brake easily. Is there anything I can do to make my nails stronger? Yes Eat almonds. Honestly. If you eat 6-10 almonds a day, your nails will get stronger. […]

Transition from electric to classical guitar?

I want to study music in college, but most schools are jazz / classical. I always wanted to learn classical guitar, but never had time or money. I have been playing electric for 6 years. Would I be able to transition swiftly and get accepted within a year? It’s a bit more confusing at first […]

Can you learn flamenco style on a classical guitar?

I have been looking for a flamenco guitar but have been unable to find any locally. I have found a few classical guitars, which my friend says are pretty much the same other than visually. I was wondering if there were any other differences between the two (other than playing styles). Absolutely.. I play Flamenco […]

Is it possible to teach yourself electric guitar to a good standard?

Alongside learning classical guitar (I have been playing for a few years) is the transition between electric and classical hard? Is it possible to self teach myself? Tips? ANything I should know? Thanks 😀 I have been having lessons from teacher for electric guitar I have been having lessons from a teacher for CLASSICAL guitar […]

how much money would i get from a classical guitar?

i bought a classical guitar 1 1/2 years ago, but i dont like it, i rather have an electric or an acoustic. its price was 130$, its in perfect conditions, where could i go sell it?to a musical instruments store? how much would i get from it more or less? and another thing, is it […]

How do I learn to keep time in music?

I’m learning classical guitar and the hardest part for me is keeping time,can anyone suggest some exercises to help me learn? will an electric metronome work? Before you get a metronome, you need to understand the concept of what a beat is (or pulse). Listen to music and try to tap your foot (or bob […]

How to play more string with guitar pick?

I can play Nothing else matter my metallica on classical guitar, and now I’d like to try on electrical with a guitar pick. But I don’t understand how to play 2 or more notes at once, for example on classical I pluck with my fingers both high E and low E string. But if I […]

Any recommendations on a classical guitar instructional book to buy?

hi, I have been playing guitar a couple years now, and I mostly play rock & metal stuff. I’m getting bored with it so i thought learning classical guitar might be the way forward. does anyone have any suggestions of a good book for me to get? (for an idea of my current skill level, […]

What should i practise on the guitar to get good?

ive been playing classical guitar for 2 years at my middle school, but there are no classes i can take in high school. From the way things are going, i think i might not get a private teacher. I want to get better on my electric, playing lead and rhythm blues,metal,rock, and maybe jazz, but […]

How versatile is a classical guitar?

I just started learning classical guitar on nylon string guitar, and i was wondering how versatile the playing styles and actual guitar are. It’s not versatile at all. Unless you’re interested in playing classical music it’s the wrong guitar for you. A steel string flattop acoustic guitar is a much. much better choice. The classical […]

Would I be okay learning classical guitar from a regular guitar teacher?

He is not specifically a classical guitar teacher. He is an excellent guitarist however. I have experience with playing an instrument already, and I can read music, so I figure with the help of classical guitar books, if he doesn’t know much about playing fingerstyle, then I can attempt to teach myself that and then […]

Is classical guitar probably the best style to learn?

At the moment im learning classical guitar, but i’m having second thoughts, im interested in soloing and the funk/jazz side of guitar, but i’ve been told that Classical is probably the best style to learn, but you have to stick at this, is this true? Classical guitarists solo, so I presume you mean improvise or […]

How Much Does an Acoustic Classical Guitar Cost?

I was looking into guitars and wondering how much a acoustic classical guitar costs in Canada? And also a capo? Please Help. Good choice if you are a beginner. It will be much easier on your finger tips and give you the fretboard freedom to really get into shape in order to play most any […]

Does learning classical guitar help towards the rock side of guitar?

I’m learning Classical guitar, and basically wondering if this will help me with my song writing and Rock/Indie I like to play music such as Radiohead and Blur, if this helps at all Cheers x Learning classical guitar is helpful for rock guitar in many ways, especially since you want to write songs. The theory […]

Diff between Spanish guitar method and Classical guitar method?

I’m a beginner guitarist and am using a classical guitar also known as a spanish guitar. My father gave me a very old (1935) "Spanish guitar method" book 1 by Nick Manoloff. When I looked into his other titles there was also his "Classical guitar method". Just wondering what the difference is being they’re both […]