what are the best practice routines for a guitar player?

im a guitar player that wants to push and excel my playing to new grounds.. what are the key things one should work on? and what kind of exercises are the best to evolve? Well, whatever kind of guitar you are playing (and how many years you’ve been at it), it is hoped you are […]

How do you string a guitar?

My guitar strings are getting old and there my first so can someone help me here, something step by step. Thx so much! Strings are installed depending on the make and model of the guitar. Many electrics have variables in stringing while many of the flat top steel stringed guitars are similar. Classical, nylon-strung guitars […]

I want to teach myself to play acoustic guitar.What do I need ? And what kind of guitar would be recommended?

I’ve looked at some beginner guitars, but they seemed pretty small ( as Im an adult). And I wanted to know if there’s any particular method of learning that seems to work and is not too difficult. Books? or cd? IDK Thanks! I started on classical guitar (nylon string acoustic) and think that’s the best […]