How to play a classical guitar?

I recently bought a classical guitar, wanting to learn the guitar but learning it seems difficult, especially the finger picking.. How do I master finger picking? Any useful tips? Can I strum a classical guitar using a pick to play acoustic songs?? Will the nylon strings break? Thx in advance for the replies.. You say […]

What would be a nice instrument to learn classical music with? cello or the upright bass?

I play bass guitar but im looking forward to learn classical music in a university, which instrument should I learn? If you’re into jazz, you should pick double bass. If you’re into classical, you should pick cello.

What are the major differences between classical guitar and acoustic guitar?

I’m wanting to learn how to play guitar, just a regular guitar, but know next to nothing about it…. I’m trying to figure out whether to take a beginning classical guitar class or an intro to acoustic guitar class. What, if there are any, are the differences between the two? And would taking both classes […]

Is tuning back and forth from Drop C and standard bad for a classical guitar?

I’ve been learning Your Guardian Angle on a classical guitar and it only sound right when I play it in drop c. But im afraid to leave it in drop c so i tune it back to standard after im done. Is that bad for the guitar? Not for the guitar, but don’t be flabbergasted […]

Can someone describe the difference between the performance of Classical guitar and Acoustic guitar?

I found articles about it and I’ve read them but I don’t quite get the difference between the performance of both instruments… Is there a difference in the sound if you strum on a Classical guitar and an Acoustic guitar?Cause I just want to learn the instrument which strums,I don’t want to learn an instrument […]

What are some good Classical Guitar Songs?

What are some classical guitar songs I can learn? I am intermediate, and don’t want any beginner songs. I can play classical gas, black bird, tears in heaven, Into White etc. And I want something a bit more challenging. Any suggestions Just because it has "Classical" in the name doesn’t mean it has to be […]

I want to learn to play the classical guitar but don’t know where to start!?

Are there any experienced classical guitar players out there? What’s an easy first song to learn? I have almost no experience with the guitar. Thanks a lot! The easiest song to play is the beginning of Ode to Joy. It won’t take you long to perfect, and will get you started. One of my favorite, […]

What is the best guitar for my situation?

I want to learn finger picking (like classical guitar), but I’d also like to learn to play an acoustic guitar with a plectrum, and play fast songs. Is it a good idea to buy a classical guitar and use it for both a plectrum and to finger pick, or should I buy an acoustic? From […]

What kind of acoustic guitar should I buy?

I can play basic guitar chords. I learned on a classical guitar and am now in the market to buy. I really like the thin neck of the Ovation. I also like the Taylor & Martin. What do you think? Ovation is a good guitar, but a great way to make your decision is to […]

Can anyone recommend a good classical guitar song for me to learn?

Well, I’ve already learned Romance, that plucking song, and I was wondering if there were any good and challenging songs that involve plucking or classical guitar playing out there on the internet. Please link to tabs, thanks. I’d recommend picking up this book: It’s got lots of great pieces to get you started with […]

What songs are good to learn for classical guitar.?

I am somewhat of a beginner with classical guitar. What songs would be good to learn? Also, can I get sheet music for it too (not tabs)? Have to agree with Dave. The Bach Bouree. Watch and listen on this link. Here’s a link to get either sheet music or tabs.

Should my left elbow stay close my to body or does it matter?

I’m learning classical guitar and I want to know if I should keep my left elbow (fret hand) close to my body or flare it out when it feels right? Eclipse nailed it. Make yourself comfortable as long as it doesn`t effect your technic.

Would I be okay learning classical guitar from a regular guitar teacher?

He is not specifically a classical guitar teacher. He is an excellent guitarist however. I have experience with playing an instrument already, and I can read music, so I figure with the help of classical guitar books, if he doesn’t know much about playing fingerstyle, then I can attempt to teach myself that and then […]

Is classical guitar really more difficult to play than electric?

They say that classical guitar is more difficult to play than electric, but is this true? There’s an old saying that goes something like this, "it takes a good 15 years to learn to play classical guitar and a good 15 hours to learn rock guitar." But, I know that there a certain things on […]

Which guitar size is better to learn for a 14 year old?

I am 14 and i would like to learn the classical guitar i have looked everywhere but i cant find an answer. Which size guitar would be the best for me to learn? You are old enough for a full size guitar. Full size classical guitars have a scale length around 650 mm (25 1/2"). […]

looking for good pieces for classical guitar?

I’m trying to think of some good classical/baroque pieces to learn on classical guitar. Preferably of beginner-intermediate difficulty. I’d like to learn some of Paganini’s works for violin and guitar but the sheet music is incredibly hard to find :/ Any suggestions/help is appreciated! Paganini sheet music: I would learn the Bach cello suites […]

The Acoustic Nylon String and Steel string are the same or need to learn saparated?

i am learning the classical guitar…i wonder i can play fingerstlye solo on a acoustic guitar…can i play it when i have learn classical guitar…what is the different of their learning???any answer???anyone is a guitar teacher or a expert guitar help me…and some people told me that just the picking is a bit different..really? Tony […]

How long should I practice to play the Asturias by Isaac Albaniez?

I am learning Classical guitar from trininty guild hall, guided by a teacher. I love listening to Asturias I just finished the 1st level of Trinity Guildhall exam. There are totally 8 levels. I wonder how long and in which level would I be able to play the Asturias. Start now! Holding down the three […]

Where can you get classical guitar tab on the internet?

I want to learn classical and neoclassical guitar (preferably Mozart or Beethoven) but I just can’t find accurate guitar tabs for it. Most of what they have on the guitar tab website are inaccurate. If anyone can help me out, I’ll be greatful! Unfortunately, the internet tablature community caters more for rock and metal heads […]

What’s the best PC software for learning to play the guitar?

Are any of the software packages truly good, or do I need to find a human teacher? My guitar hero for the last 43 years has been Keith Richards, but I wouldn’t want to completely close the door on learning classical guitar as well. Hi, I think it all really depends on your experience level. […]