Finale 2003 – how to put two melodies on the same line?

I am using Finale 2003 to write compositions for my A Level Music class… however, I can’t figure out how to put two melodies on the same staff, for example for classical guitar. I really need to figure out how to use it, because not only is it difficult for my musicians to play the music when their parts are seperated onto two staffs, but it’s also an incorrect method of notation. I’ve tried using the help book, but it’s difficult to use, and i can’t find what i want to easily.

Please help me out! In case i’m not being very clear, I’m trying to do it so that on the same staff i can have two melodies, but not with the same rhythm (not like chords). For example, i want a long drone note, with quavers (i think these are called sixteenth notes in america) on top, but IN THE SAME STAFF.

thanks in advance!!

Okay it seems like not many people know

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