guitar learning problem?

I’ve played piano for 10 years.I got to learn classical guitar more than 1 year,now I’m playing Classical Guitar Method,and I don’t know what to do after this learning this book.I need some instructions on which is the book to do with and how to progress.I’m learning by myself.
I learn Carcassi Guitar Method,and played his etudes to the 34 piece.I need a path to follow,e.g. the book,and the good ways

Depending on which book method you are using, I suggest to grab the Berklee Guitar vol. 1 or vol. 2 . Once you go through these 2 books, you will have a very good technique as far as knowing your scales, learning how to do easy transitions along the fingerboard and linking the scales from one end of the fingerboard to the other.

That is essential as well as knowing your chords and knowing which scales match with them and what to use and where to use them.

In the meantime, if you have been playing for a year and know the correct hand position, check this site out. You will see if you are advanced enough to go on your own :)

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