How to play piano as an accompanying instrument while I am singing the melody?

Hi folks,

I’ve been playing classical piano for some years now. I recon I ‘ve reached and intermediate level.All though I like listening to classical music, I am rather bored with playing classical piano.

I would like to sing pop/rock/broadway/jazz songs and use the piano to accompany myself based on the chords on the music sheet.

Guitar players seem to learn rhytms that goes well will chords and in a matter of months they can sing and accompany multiple songs.

Does anyone know any GOOD (not those "learn to play piano in 2 hours" junk) piano methods that teaches rhythms that goes well with chords and popular riffs etc.?

P.S. I could not find a tutor/teacher that teach these. There are only classical piano teachers around me.

just practice and try doing it yourself

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