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To clearly state your position, you must build an argument based on credible, valid and reliable evidence.

A. true
B. false

When beginning your research, you should develop an essential question that is

A. vague and general
B. broad and flexible
C. seeking a “yes” or “no” answer
D. narrow and bias-free

When conducting an interview, you should pose _____questions.

A. yes or no
B. open-ended
C. biased
D. methodology

Which documentation method allows researchers to correctly use the exact words used in a primary source?

A. direct quote
B. summary
C. paraphrase
D. plagiarism

The sentence, "His room was such a mess, it looked like a bomb had exploded inside of it," is an example of a paradox.

A. true
B. false

You have chosen to write a research paper on classical Spanish guitar music. Which of the following primary sources should you include in your paper?

A. Survey; online article; interview with Spanish guitarist
B. Interview with Spanish guitarist; survey; newspaper article
C. Interview with Spanish guitarist; chapter from music textbook; article
D. Interview with dance teacher; music lyrics; biography of Spanish guitarist

As a researcher, you should use _____ when you want to be accurate about the source’s meaning, add credibility to your ideas, and be concise about a point while using the exact words of the original source.

A. plagiarism
B. summary
C. paraphrase
D. direct quote

When recording notes during an interview, it is essential to record every word that is spoken for absolute accuracy.

A. true
B. false

1. True
3. B
4. B
5. A
6. False
7. C
8. D
9. True


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