Is this a a "rigorous" academic resume? Trying to get into college!?

I’m taking harder classes than most people at my school…but I’m still feeling a lot of anxiety about college apps next year (I’m a junior right now.) My top choice school is Northeastern University in Boston.

English 9, Honors Algebra I, World Perspectives, CP Biology, Wellness, Photography, CP French I

CP Literary Composition/Critique, Economics, CP French II, CP 20th Century american Novel, Intro to Graphic Design, Web Page Design, American Government, Honors Geometry, CP Chemistry, Honors Algebra II

Honors Pre Calculus, CP Creative Writing, CP Classical World Lit, CP British Lit, AP US History, Honors French III, Gym

Senior (next year):
AP English Lit, Advanced Composition/Research Methods, AP Psychology, AP Calculus AB, Honors French IV, Microbiology/Forensics, Guitar 1
I got all A’s for quarter grades in my classes, with the exception of three B+ ‘s sophomore year. All final grades are A- or A’s, except for Geometry which was a B.

You probably have just enough honors and AP classes.

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