Whats a good way to start learning classical guitar?

i want to learn guitar without taking lessons please give ideas and links to free sites Why are you averse to taking lessons? That’s stupid. Private tuition is the oldest and most effective way of learning a musical instrument, especially one as nuanced as classical guitar. So if you want to learn classical guitar, you […]

I have an electric guitar that needs a going over?

What is the best cleaning method to use for the body of an electic guitar? And for a classical instrument? Also if the tone phase switches break off , can a short or other problem occur? Thx 4 taking the time and trouble to advance your answers. Much appreciated. Take a mild cleaner and put […]

any good site to learn playing classical guitar ?

well im going to buy a classical guitar in few days and i want to learn how to play classical music i never played guitar before so im an absolute beginner and i searched in the internet but i only found sites for learning acoustic or electric guitar(with pick) and there is no guitar teacher […]

Learning Classical Guitar?

What is the most efficient way to learn classical guitar without paying for lessons? I would like some kind of program or detailed step-by-step curriculum or method to keep me motivated and on track. Any suggestions? Thanks. You need a qualified teacher that has legitimate classical guitar training. The rocker at the local music store […]