How can i learn playing classical guitar on my own correctly?

By the way, I have limited time and i need a good source or tutorial to go ahead fast. If you’ve never played guitar before, I would suggest starting with the basics. Hal Leonard Guitar Basics Book 1. Keep good posture and technique in mind. Classical Guitar revolves heavily on good right hand technique since […]

I Hate school. Not education?

I hate a lot of things about school. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy education, but the way they give us educaton here is just soooo F**king stupid. I don’t usually complain about this stuff, but due to recent events, I feel the need to just release all this negativity somewhere. now, I really like […]

Classical songs to learn on acoustic guitar?

Yeah I have an interest to learn classical sounding pieces on guitar. (ie. Beethoven) so if u could give me some classical songs I can learn that would be great Gran Vals by Francisco Tárrega. Prelude and Fugue in C major by J.S. Bach. Any sonata by Domenico Scarlatti.

Help! Can anyone please recomend me some nice classical guitar pieces to play?

I am teaching myself classical guitar, and I need some pieces to practice. I’m not at the beginner’s level anymore, but I’m not at intermediate yet either (I’m going by those method books you can buy on places like amazon). So to be honest I’m not sure what level I am. Can anyone recommend any […]

What is an easy classical guitar songs to learn?

I want to mix it up a little so I am looking for a good classical guitar song. If you know any please leave the name of the song or a link to the tabs for the song. romance anonymous.

Is learning Classical guitar better than electric or Steel string Acoustic ?

I am a bit confused over opting for either Classical guitar or the Acoustic steel string guitar music classes ! The instructor told me learning classical would build a strong foundation and I can easily adapt to other methods(electric, steel string etc.).I have been playing a steel string for 2 years and more inclined to […]

Should I learn classical or jazz guitar to correlate to indie rock?

I want to play in a indie rock band as a lead guitarist and i’ve hit a wall in my learning. A guitarist told me that i should learn guitar from its roots, as in classical and that will help me in all aspects of rock but ive also heard that jazz guitar is better […]