When learning classical guitar, is it important to learn how to read music as well?

I know a lot of good guitarists play music but don’t know how to read it, they just use tabs and learning from other people. If you are learning classical guitar, then yes, you need to read music.

What is the role of the keyboard in a band?

i would like to start a band of my own. i have experienced playing on a band. I do the rythm guitar. Sadly, that band no longer meets. I would like to know what’s the role of a keyboard during a band because the keyboard are really my specialty. I play classical and still know […]

how am i supposed to learn classical guitar without a teacher?

my mom doesn’t know anything about music and then so she was being cheap and then just bought me a classical guitar and i can’t get into lessons. I get so frustrated when i’m "learning" it through a dvd and want to smash it against the wall. it’s so damn hard lol I don’t know […]

What would be the best method to learn Notes on guitar?

..Classical alright…i’ve waited long enough…I started learning guitar on classical/flemenco and something none of these posters have touched on is that the classical guitars and flemencos usually don’t have fret markers…maybe a 12th fret marker and that’s about it…some have the little dots on the side of the neck..but not too helpful..the rest is pure […]

What are the best Classical guitar songs to learn?

My playing is quite advanced, I can play Bouree and Air On The G String by J.S Bach, I would like learn more classical songs as I’m more of an electric guitar player but recently bought a classical guitar and only know few songs to play on it. What are some compositions that are harder […]

How can I teach myself to sing?

I’ve always wanted to take a class but don’t really have the time or money. I have a guitar and piano and play classical guitar. I play a little piano from time to time but I’m not very good. I understand the basics of playing music but I can’t seem to impove my singing at […]

How to learn E. Guitar without knowing classical guitar?

where can i learn E. Guitar without knowing any classical guitar, If you know any Dvd’s, or websites that i can buy or visit and learn from there Thanks. Self study. Don’t get lessons if you don’t have the money for them. Power chords, strumming with power chords and palm muting are the first things […]

I look at my guitar and I see it needs cleaning.,?

What is the best cleaning method to use for the body of an electic guitar? And for a classical instrument? Also if the tone phase switches break off , can a short or other problem occur? Thx 4 taking the time and trouble to advance your answers. Much appreciated. You’re always best to use products […]

What are some good mellow pieces to learn for classical guitar.?

I love pieces like Prelude three by Villa-Lobos and Gymnopedie by Sartie. Are there any other slow, mellow pieces for guitar. If you could give me the URL for a tab site that would be a huge help. Thanks in advance! I agree with Alan D. John Williams is my favorite guitarist. Although I do […]

Can you recommend a good method for learning flamenco guitar?

UnfortunatleyI can’t go to Spain, but if you’ve had good a experience with books, software, websites etc. send me your recommendations please. I can read music, play a little classical and strum but thats it. A good self-starter to learning Flamenco is to learn to play the song, "Malaguena." It has a much recognized melody […]

Learn Classical/Pop Guitar when you can play Electric Guitar?

Hi, is it easy to learn Classical or Pop Guitar when you can play Electric Guitar? Classical music involves utilization of complex scales and progressions. It can be very technical and precise. Pop guitar is way easier, if you’re thinking of something like Green Day that anyone can learn with ease. Pop songs are usually […]

guitar student, need advice

i am a semi advanced guitarist ( I’m only 14). I have been teaching myself guitar with the progressive guitar method series of books. I want to be a professional guitarist when i get older, and i am asking for suggestions on how to get better. If you know of any books, exercises, or websites […]

What are some intermediate classical songs i can learn on guitar?

Im a metal guitarist i play stuff like ozzy, dio, metallica, and black sabbath Im am an intermediate guitarist and i want to start learning classical songs kinda like how jason becker and marty friedman did. so what are some classical songs that are intermediate and will give me a sort of a challenge so […]

i am a guitar student who needs advice

i am a semi advanced guitarist ( I’m only 14). I have been teaching myself guitar with the progressive guitar method series of books. I want to be a professional guitarist when i get older, and i am asking for suggestions on how to get better. If you know of any books, exercises, or websites […]

Why am I always excited that in 2 weeks I’m gonna learn classical guitar in a community college?

i’m gonna take intermediate classical guitar. I’m eager to start fingerpicking It’s an under-appreciated classical instrument. I saw Andres Segovia play live and Julian Bream play live.

What should I do to get started back up w/ guitar…?

Ok, I havn’t played guitar for about 6 months. Previous to that, I had played classical music, and learned guitar method for about 4 years. Now I am want to ROCK(sorry about that). I have a cheap like 100$ yamaha and an antique Alvarez acoustic. I am looking to start a band w/ my church, […]

What is a good book to learn to play classical guitar?

I have played electric and acoustic guitar for about 8 years, primarily rock, metal, and the occasional blues. Recently i have had an infatuation with classical guitar, and i want to learn to play properly. I would want to learn all of the proper fingering styles and techniques so i don’t start with bad habits. […]

How may I compose classical guitar music?

I have been studying a very good book by David Braid on how to master the classical guitar. But so far I still don’t understand some aspects. I can’t seem to figure why a song sounds good and why a song would not sound good. I have made a few small studies, but I still […]

Most indicated song to learn on classical guitar in two to three weeks?

I’m not much experienced with my classical guitar, but I need to prepare something for the exam at the end of the year, as I just found out. I don’t know what to choose, cause I haven’t practiced enough so far in able to play a too complicated song. I like nice melodies, very fond […]

Blues/Jazz Guitar method?

Im a classical guitar player looking for a good blues and jazz method to learn by. ANy recommendations? Id rather not try to learn by ear at the moment although I also appreciate that as advice if that is what you think it best. thanks! For blues check out Stefan Grossman. Tons of great info. […]