Do I have to learn scales for classical guitar?

If so,what if the guitar is tuned in a different tuning?Do I have to learn MORE scales? Scordatura tuning aside, the importance and usefulness of learning scales on the guitar fingerboard has mainly to do with finger phrasing technique. To develop fluidity on melodic progressions, scales are the pathway because so many melodies use scale […]

how strengthen fingernails for martial arts and classic guitar?

I want to play classical guitar and use my fingernails which are slowly growing. I want it to be long and undestructable but also for martial arts some styles require. I want to find out different methods on growing them in length and strength wise and of course diet and im taking biotin pills 3x […]

Can you learn to play pop music on a classical guitar as you would on a different one?

I’ve inherited a classical guitar. If I’m going to learn to play guitar I’m going to want to play oasis, Beatles and that sort of stuff. Is it possible to ignore its a classic guitar and just strum chords as normal?? A different one is an acoustic guitar that isn’t a classic one. Steel strings […]

Guitar masters, is this a good way to learn guitar?

I’m a relative beginner and I’m starting to wonder whether I would be better off in the long run just focusing on training my left hand first with no right hand strumming or anything. Learning all chords and transitioning them smoothly. And building finger dexterity. Then move to my right hand to perfect strumming and […]

What’s the best way to learn classical guitar?

I want to learn classical guitar but don’t know how I should go about it. I’m left handed too so it’ll be harder finding a guitar in the first place and I hear that some teachers don’t teach lefties cause it’s hard and improper or something. Been playing accousict/electric guitar for three years left handed […]