What size and type of acoustic guitar would be perfect?

I’m 17 years old, i have a skinny and shorter build to me…and my hands are smaller too (if that helps with the sizing). I am looking into playing a more indie and folk style kinds of music. Songs from The Decemberists, Matt Costa, jack johnson…rogue wave…that kind of mellow sound. i think a guitar […]

Is it harder to teach yourself to play the violin?

Than to teach yourself to play the guitar. I learned to play guitar by using a kind of trial and error method over a number of years. I was wondering if playing the guitar would help a good deal with learning to play the violin? And is it really an instrument that demands formal study […]

Any good books on music theory applied to the guitar?

I have been learning music theory in school for a while now and I have realized it does not always apply to the guitar. When switching chords on the guitar a lot of the rules are broken. The rules most broken are the P5 and P8 moving in similar motion. Also some doubling rules are […]

I want to learn the piano or maybe the guitar?

I want to learn how to play the piano by ear and to also read music. But I dont know where to start on my keyboard, I cant afford lessons and I’m so afraid I’m going to fail. I’m afraid I’ll never be able to learn how to play the piano. All the notes…keys…sharps, flats, […]

Flamenco guitar is my passion, and I love soleas… how difficult is it to learn Flamenco guitar?

Is important to add that I have never played the guitar before, and that I want to give it my all because I am in love with this music. How hard can it be? how should I start? In fact Solea is a very good ‘Palo’ to start with. Flamenco is indeed hard to learn […]

How long does it take to be good with an acoustic guitar?

How long does it take to pretty much master the guitar? Im 14 and i need to be good with it before 19 It depends on many factors… dedication divided in these main points= 1- if you study music theory along with guitar technics (scales, arpeggios, etc) 2-the quality of the teacher or music school, […]

How do you perform artificial harmonics on a classical guitar?

The mixed exercise I have been given for my exam is "artificial harmonics in thirds". First of all, how do you play artificial harmonics but with a chord underneath to create the third? Thanks in advance Artificial harmonics are simply harmonics played on a fretted note, and there are a lot of methods for playing […]

Any suggestions for good beginning piano books?

I’m in my thirties and I play guitar. I just got a 61 key electronic keyboard for the holidays. I need suggestions for good beginning piano books appropriate for my age. The book stores and Amazon have nothing. I guess that I need to go to a community college bookstore or something. What kind of […]

How often do I change my guitar strings?

I just started to learn the acoustic guitar on October 14th. In the method book I’ve been using, I’ve just been working on playing individual notes – no hard strumming or a bunch of chords, yet. I play anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours a day, 7 days a week. How often should I […]

What would be a nice instrument to learn classical music with? cello or the upright bass?

I play bass guitar but im looking forward to learn classical music in a university, which instrument should I learn? If you’re into jazz, you should pick double bass. If you’re into classical, you should pick cello.

Do I absolutely HAVE to have long nails for classical guitar?

I am a very serious guitar player, I play classical and flamenco. The thing is I also am very passionate about parkour and I can’t keep my long nails while scaling walls and vaulting fences, they will get ruined. Besides, I’m a tomboy. Long nails gross me out. Is there any other way around this […]

I have a problem with tuning my acoustic guitar, how do I know the strings are in tune?

Hi! I’ve recently gotten a new acoustic guitar with steel strings, I have only used the classical guitar with nylon strings. And when I tried to tune my new acoustic guitar. The strings GBE sounds weird. How do I know if its the correct tune and is it okay to use nylon strings on a […]

is it wrong or improper to play the classical guitar with the acoustic playing method?

so yea, ive been playing the classical guitar for about a year and half, and i think im playing it the acoustic way, i dont hold it up wards, hold it just like an acoustic guitar, and i use the four fingers method.. i mean, i play the bass strings with my thumb and each […]

Why was Fernando Sor the Best ? How is the best way to master his compositions?

Sor achieved a greater guitar method than any other guitar composer before of after him. He as also claimed to have been inspired by Hayden and Mozart. Sor has also composed for piano, strings, and voice as well as guitar. sor mastered the classical elements,,,of chromatics,arpeggios,rasgueados(got this from flamenco vihuela music first done by spanish […]

What are the major differences between classical guitar and acoustic guitar?

I’m wanting to learn how to play guitar, just a regular guitar, but know next to nothing about it…. I’m trying to figure out whether to take a beginning classical guitar class or an intro to acoustic guitar class. What, if there are any, are the differences between the two? And would taking both classes […]

Is it worth it for me to teach myself guitar?

So I play drums, violin and piano and I really want to learn guitar. But I’m only allowed to take private lessons for one instruments and I’m already taking drum lessons and I don’t want to quit that… So I have enough for a SUPER cheap 38" acoustic guitar. Do you think it would be […]