Any useful information on buying a guitar for beginners and playing as well?

I want 2 learn how 2 play the guitar for spanish genres (specifically BACHATA). Any1 have any info they can give such as recommended brands or info on learning to play? Buy a Yamaha classical, or a Cordoba, and also buy a method book if you can’t afford a teacher, make sure that it is […]

How can i learn a jazz or classical style on guitar quickly?

I have recently picked up guitar a couple months ago. I am really into 90s grudge and rock i grew up with it. but i realize that jazz and classical music has some of the best musicians in the world. so if someone could recommend anything it’ll improve my skills quickly(couple months) that would be […]

How do I push my guitar playing to the next level?

I’ve been playing chords for a long time!!! I seem to be stuck in the blues scale/pentatonic!!! How can I gravitate to more classical type scales without digressing back to my old habits? My first suggestion is to learn to read and write music notation. Your ear may be great in duplicating certain songs coming […]

Would my guitar teacher accept me if I use a guitar pick on an acoustic guitar?

So yeah. After summer break I’ll take guitar lessons and in the meantime I am teaching some things by myself. I am doing this with a guitar pick, though, and I am afraid that my guitar teacher won’t accept the fact that I’m using one. So what’s your opinion? Get out, troll. I just thought […]

Is it hard to teach your self to play guitar?

I wana learn how to play guitar by teaching my self, is it very hard to do that? Short answer, yes. Long answer, it depends on your hand to eye coordination, sense of self discipline, short term and long term memory skills, kinesthetic development, and the overall quality and playability of the instrument. First of […]

How do I know which type of finger picking guitar lessons to take after 2 years of standard lessons?

There are Travis, Carter, Chet Atkins, Emmanuel, and others. I want to play love songs and country music songs finger picking. I took 2 years of standard guitar lessons so I know about 60 barre chords including open chords. Am I ready to take on finger picking lessons or do I keep taking standard guitar […]

Are D’addario strings the best for a classical guitar?

So I have a classical guitar and I was wondering which one is better for the type of string: Nylon or Steel. If Nylon, should I get a D’addario (Pro-Arte Normal tension or extra hard tension) or another brand that’s of Nylon. And if Steel, what then? NEVER put steel strings on a classical guitar!! […]

What is the best way to teach myself guitar?

I have my dad’s old guitar and an old guitar book, but I want some tips. Pick a simple song you like and see if you can find the tab on the internet. Tablature (tab) is a method of notation that shows you what fret to play and what string it’s played on. It was […]

How hard is it to learn how to play the guitar?

I am a fourteen year old female who was in band and is a singer. I am interested in learning how to play guitar because I think it would be good to be able to sing and play the guitar at the same time. Honestly, how hard is it to learn how to play the […]

What sould I learn before starting to learn the bass guitar?

I play the classical guitar. Well, since you play guitar already you have some of the basic techniques down already. Remember that although you are playing a bass "guitar" it is a whole other animal than your classical. I would suggest getting a method book or two and going from there. If it all possible […]

Whats the difference between College guitar lessons vs Private guitar lessons? Which one is better?

They offer elementary, intermediate and advanced guitar at my community college and it’s 2 hours per week vs 30 min of private guitar lesson? Which one is better? Lessons offered by the music department of a College will most likely involve : A group of students at a time (not so good but it could […]

how do i teach my self classical guitar grade one and two?

Are there any books or websites that will give me all the information in the grades one and two syllabus. i want to be able to read music for guitars and understand some basic theory. thanks alot bobby p.s i will also be getting some lessons once i have reached around grade two, i need […]

How to fix a bent guitar neck?

I have an Ibanez Classical Acoustic Guitar and Ive had it almost 2 years but the neck is starting to bend. I heard that the bolt on the inside needs tightened. How much would it cost on average to fix it (cheapest please) or how can i fix it? Im not using steel strings. I […]

I am going to begin to search for a guitar tutor this coming school term. How do you choose the right person ?

Meaning, the right tutor for the type of guitar you want to learn from. I aim to learn classical guitar playing if it suits me Hi Caz. I’m a professional classical guitarist. Here is what to look for in a guitar teacher. If you want to learn classical guitar, find a teacher who has a […]

How can I make my nails stronger?

I play classical guitar and I need my nails to play. The only problem that I have is that my nails are really weak and they brake easily. Is there anything I can do to make my nails stronger? Yes Eat almonds. Honestly. If you eat 6-10 almonds a day, your nails will get stronger. […]

Can you learn flamenco style on a classical guitar?

I have been looking for a flamenco guitar but have been unable to find any locally. I have found a few classical guitars, which my friend says are pretty much the same other than visually. I was wondering if there were any other differences between the two (other than playing styles). Absolutely.. I play Flamenco […]

how much money would i get from a classical guitar?

i bought a classical guitar 1 1/2 years ago, but i dont like it, i rather have an electric or an acoustic. its price was 130$, its in perfect conditions, where could i go sell it?to a musical instruments store? how much would i get from it more or less? and another thing, is it […]

How to play more string with guitar pick?

I can play Nothing else matter my metallica on classical guitar, and now I’d like to try on electrical with a guitar pick. But I don’t understand how to play 2 or more notes at once, for example on classical I pluck with my fingers both high E and low E string. But if I […]

What should i practise on the guitar to get good?

ive been playing classical guitar for 2 years at my middle school, but there are no classes i can take in high school. From the way things are going, i think i might not get a private teacher. I want to get better on my electric, playing lead and rhythm blues,metal,rock, and maybe jazz, but […]

Would I be okay learning classical guitar from a regular guitar teacher?

He is not specifically a classical guitar teacher. He is an excellent guitarist however. I have experience with playing an instrument already, and I can read music, so I figure with the help of classical guitar books, if he doesn’t know much about playing fingerstyle, then I can attempt to teach myself that and then […]