How Much Does an Acoustic Classical Guitar Cost?

I was looking into guitars and wondering how much a acoustic classical guitar costs in Canada? And also a capo? Please Help. Good choice if you are a beginner. It will be much easier on your finger tips and give you the fretboard freedom to really get into shape in order to play most any […]

Diff between Spanish guitar method and Classical guitar method?

I’m a beginner guitarist and am using a classical guitar also known as a spanish guitar. My father gave me a very old (1935) "Spanish guitar method" book 1 by Nick Manoloff. When I looked into his other titles there was also his "Classical guitar method". Just wondering what the difference is being they’re both […]

When playing the classical guitar, how do I know which (right hand) finger to use to play the note?

From the question I’m sure you deduced that I’m a beginner. I’m also learning to play without a teacher. I live in rural Japan and classical guitar teachers are hard to come by. I know that the first and second measure usually show which finger to use, but after that I’m not always sure. Any […]

How can i start playing Classical guitar?

im 17 and been playing electric guitar for about a year (practice on a clean channel!!) and im already playing some Lamb of God and alot of Megadeth type songs… well i love music theory and know a fair amount…but how can i possibly start classical guitar? like maybe fingerpicking or anything…sounds like alot of […]

Acoustic Guitar or Classical Guitar?

Hi, i want to start playing guitar but I don’t know which kind of guitar to get! I am currently learning how to play classical guitar(that’s the one with the nylon strings, right??) at school I asked if I could borrow one but they said no.. Which is harder to play? and which one sounds […]

I am just a begginner on classical guitar…but I want to strictly play only bossanova and samba.?

I just bought a classical guitar. I only want to play bossa nova and samba. I know I need to learn the basics. I just ordered Hal Leonards guitar method. Is there a book strictly for bossa nova beginners? Where is it? Or do I have to learn from someone? From what I know this […]

How to improve classical guitar skills without memorising the score?

I want to improve my ability to play songs on the guitar. Not of the strumming kind, but the fretting, fingerstyle kind. I heard the best way to improve a song is to memorise its score. But I can’t do it – I have a weak memory. For instance, I have never been able to […]

What are some good method books for teaching myself guitar?

I just bought a used guitar and I want to teach myself how to play. I want to do both lead sheet symbols and classical. What are some good method books I can use to teach myself how to play? Your best bet is probably Mel Bay Guitar books. Many different styles & techniques to […]

Can anyone recommend a good method for shred guitar and one for upright/string bass?

Here’s the thing, I am in grade 10, and I aspire to be a musician when i am of age, or to do something related to music. I have been doing classical (nylon string, finger style) guitar for almost 4 years now, and I am quite good, no lying. I’m doing my grade 8 RCM […]

difference between fingerstyle and classical guitar?

what’s the difference between fingerstyle and classical guitar? Can you learn fingerstyle and still play classical guitar using the same methods? If you want to play both, which one should you learn first? Thank you! Classical guitar is a type of guitar. It has nylon strings and has a very unique sound to it as […]

bass guitar, fingering question?

i got my bass recently, im a classical guitarist, i use four fingers to play the classical guitar, and i use the thumb alot.. and after looking for some videos on youtube on how to play the bass, i saw the 2 fingers method.. but videos didnt mention anything about the thumb, while i saw […]

Recommendations on guitar lessons?

About 6 years ago I got my piano teacher to start teaching me guitar as well. Initial progress was slow for a time as she was often gone taking her husband to doctors and hospitals for a serious liver problem, which was understandable. But afterwards when she could get back to the weekly schedule as […]

Is it hard to teach myself guitar?

I am a 15 year old kid that wants to teach myself guitar. I am going to play mostly contemporary with maybe a little bit of classical. I already play the piano and violin pretty well so I will not have any problem with reading the music nor rhythm. Also, what kind of guitar and […]

Classical Guitar or Electric Guitar?

i am currently confused on what method of guitar should i play. i studied classical guitar for about 4 years, and my last piece was Vals venezolano by Lauro. i have teaching certificate, and ive been teaching for a year, keeps me stable, good money. and then i stopped because i moved overseas to continue […]

how strengthen fingernails for martial arts and classic guitar?

I want to play classical guitar and use my fingernails which are slowly growing. I want it to be long and undestructable but also for martial arts some styles require. I want to find out different methods on growing them in length and strength wise and of course diet and im taking biotin pills 3x […]

Guitar masters, is this a good way to learn guitar?

I’m a relative beginner and I’m starting to wonder whether I would be better off in the long run just focusing on training my left hand first with no right hand strumming or anything. Learning all chords and transitioning them smoothly. And building finger dexterity. Then move to my right hand to perfect strumming and […]

I Hate school. Not education?

I hate a lot of things about school. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy education, but the way they give us educaton here is just soooo F**king stupid. I don’t usually complain about this stuff, but due to recent events, I feel the need to just release all this negativity somewhere. now, I really like […]

Help! Can anyone please recomend me some nice classical guitar pieces to play?

I am teaching myself classical guitar, and I need some pieces to practice. I’m not at the beginner’s level anymore, but I’m not at intermediate yet either (I’m going by those method books you can buy on places like amazon). So to be honest I’m not sure what level I am. Can anyone recommend any […]

Is learning Classical guitar better than electric or Steel string Acoustic ?

I am a bit confused over opting for either Classical guitar or the Acoustic steel string guitar music classes ! The instructor told me learning classical would build a strong foundation and I can easily adapt to other methods(electric, steel string etc.).I have been playing a steel string for 2 years and more inclined to […]

Why do people like pop music?

I know this question may come up a lot, but I thought I’d bring it up again because I haven’t gotten a definitive answer. For me, I’ve never gotten the appeal to pop music. It’s probably due to the fact that it’s not my genre of music, but for one reason or another, I’ve just […]